The Ultimate Preworkout Stack

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The Ultimate Preworkout Stack


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AML Power Rep

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Price as configured: $59.95

When it comes to supplementing your intense workout
regimen, you need a combination of the best ingredients
that work together. With AML Preworkout and AML
Power Rep™ , Advanced Molecular Labs (AML)
developed a superior pre-workout stack that will help you
push your body to new limits. Here’s what you do: one
hour before the gym, drink AML Preworkout. Then right
before you train, take the recommended dosage of AML
Power Rep
™. This method allows enough time for the
Preworkout to elevate your energy, and the Power Rep
will then provide an additional boost. The result is
unparalleled energy, mental focus and strength for
your whole workout.

Energetic Buzz From
Stacking Caffeine,
Theacrine and p-synephrine

Although caffeine is a remarkable performance-enhancing
supplement that should be part of any serious pre-workout
supplement, stacking it with theacrine and p-synephrine,
two compounds found in AML Power Rep™, will heighten
some of the impressive ergogenic effects of caffeine,
based on their independent ability to improve energy
production and reduce fatigue. Theacrine is a protoalkaloid,
with a similar chemical structure to caffeine, and it triggers
dopamine release in a similar fashion to caffeine, improving
motivation and performance.

The research indicates that the combined intake of caffeine
with theacrine should enhance mood and energy, with no decrease in potency, for longer periods of time- effectively increasing overall stimulation and focus before hitting the gym.

Stacking caffeine with the second protoalkaloid in AML Power Rep™, p-synephrine, will give rise to even greater energy levels within the muscle cell, delivering superior muscular endurance, as p-synephrine also converts glucose and fat into energy for the muscle cell, just like caffeine.

Less pain for greater strength gainswith the ultimate pre-workout stack!

Another performance-enhancing effect from stacking AML Preworkout with AML Power Rep™ will be an extraordinary capacity to reduce the pain associated with weight training. The capacity to blunt pain tends to reduce perceived exertion during exercise, increasing the capacity to train with higher levels of intensity for
longer periods of time, ultimately increasing the training effect. This analgesic effect will come from three of the ingredients in this stack: ATP, caffeine and theacrine.

Infinite Endurance From The Ultimate Stack

Another indispensable capacity of pre-workout supplementation is the ability to improve muscular endurance. Stacking AML Preworkout with AML Power Rep™ will reduce muscular fatigue and improve muscular endurance tremendously!

In addition to the greater blood flow triggered by the dose of ATP within this stack, AML Preworkout also contains the potent nitric oxide-boosting compound citrulline malate, along with watermelon and grape skin extracts, which contain polyphenol antioxidant compounds that powerfully stimulate nitric oxide production and potently induce vasodilation, meaning increased blood flow that further improves muscular endurance.

When used together, AML Preworkout and AML Power Rep™ provide powerful pre-workout supplementation that will load your muscles with energy and increase muscular strength and endurance. With this stack, you’ll increase your motivation and push yourself further with intensity and resilience!

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